No More Wondering,

"when will I hit 5-figure months?"


These days, you might even feel that “work-life balance” and “business growth” barely seem like they belong in the same sentence.

Getting clients just doesn’t seem to be happening as fast as it should be… or it continues to feel like an uphill struggle.

And the business you once were so passionate about and created for “more time/money/freedom/impact” has turned you into a passenger of it. You feel more chained down and overwhelmed than ever...

So if you’re like many of my clients, you’ve probably been left wondering: "When will I ever catch a break? I'm so good at what I do, I'm so passionate about helping my clients, I can help them with this amazing transformation yet all I seem to be doing is throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping that something will stick."

Well, I would love to show you a better way: Where doing what you love, becomes highly profitable.

You can set the stage for massive growth, by aligning every piece of your business with your zone of genius and lifestyle desires.

The beauty is actually in simplicity and amplification.

Are you ready.....?



(ditch the rest)


The magic happens when you focus on what truly matters in your business (and your life)
and you step fully into your zone of genius (doing what you truly love!).


It all starts with your offering, so you can serve your clients in a way that is totally aligned with how you want to serve them, that your offers are irrestible to your clients and also fitting your lifestyle desires.


Client of mine was co-hosting a retreat (VIP day) and while planning this beautiful day, she was discussing prices with her co-host.


The co-host started to mention that she usually charged x per hour and therefore they should charge x for this. My client response was, oh I don’t do hourly rates anymore!


The co-host looked at her stunned. And my clients simple said, she no longer works that way.


How powerful is that!


Moving away from hourly rates is one of the first thing I have my clients do.


......Liberating, huh?


See, I base the prices on the value of the outcome of your service, the transformation the clients get and also your client's capacity so you can serve at the high standards and levels you truly want, without being rushed or stepping into that hamster wheel.


In addition, the offering and the pricing should be based on your own lifestyle desires - all has to be taken into account.


I noticed since I started pricing this way- my clients experience has increased tremendously, the results my clients are getting is remarkable and the overall experience for everyone is just amazing.


Same goes for my clients, because it's in alignment. Simple as that.


Having the right offer that truly gives your clients the results they desire and when messaged properly, things start to flow..... and you start truly loving what you do.


And then it's all about creating this beautiful client attraction strategy that breaths you!


Rinse and repeat.. and ditch the rest!


My 6-month mentorship program helps you align every single piece of your business to you, so you can become crazily profitable while doing what you truly love.


You can experience unprecedented business growth without sacrificing what matters to you in life
by keeping it simple & profitable. That's what my program is all about.


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Taking place in sunny, southern California, what is not to love about this conference?


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Including Tom Smith, John Smith, The Smiths, Tom John, and Smith Thomas Johnson.


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Marketers talking marketing and eating ice cream. Hopefully not at the same time. 

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So many sessions! Happening from 8am to 10pm each day. Get so much knowledge it will melt your face off!


We'll shut down major city streets for the greatest block party of all time, with fire breathers, food trucks, and trapeze artists.

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