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Free Workshop Series

Map Out Your Business Results

Enter 2024 with a plan that brings solid revenue.

In this 3-day series, we're going to craft a clear path to your (multiple) 6-figure or 7-figure year.

It starts on Monday, November 20 at 3 PM CET

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This is for you if you're:

  • Not having & feeling fully potent and powerful in your (multiple) 6-figures

  • Lacking solid strategy that is properly planned and mapped out

  • Desire the provider money paradigm, having the safety and security... knowing that this where the expansion starts.

Here's what we'll cover:


Let's get crystal clear on your true desires and determine your core focus for 2024.

We will tap into your next level identity and make decisions from that version of you.


The key is to work smart. We're going to identify your needle-moving activities that bring results in your business.

We will talk about how you can simplify and scale your business in a very smart way.


We're going to reverse engineer your strategy and map out 2024.

So you will know exactly what to focus on, when to implement, and how to get results.

"If you really want something to change in your business, join Silja.

She's a living example of how you can be wildly profitable while doing what you love."


Nicoline Huizinga, Human Design Expert

My name is Silja Thor, and I believe that you're meant to multiply your impact and revenue.

I am here to help you simplify and scale your business to 6 & 7 figures.

We do that by tapping into your next-level identity and creating a solid strategy from that version of you.

We will start with the end in mind, reverse engineer your strategy, and map out all the needle-moving activities so you're rock solid.

Because I believe the world needs more impact-driven entrepreneurs, and with you earning more money, we can amplify your magic.

"I love Silja's authentic way of teaching. She has a beautiful balance between female and male energy."


Yinka Kehinde, Visibility Mentor

Monday, November 20 at 15 CET

Ready to achieve a solid consistent and reliable revenue.?

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