Weekly CEO Meeting Template

for Coaches, and Service Entrepreneurs.

After running 9 businesses and helping 100s of clients scaling theirs in an easy and simple way, I have learned that having a weekly CEO meeting is what changes everything.

During this weekly session, you get clear on what's working, and how you can amplify it (this is how you double your results quickly) and what's not working.

This template takes you through the whole process to analyse your data, your revenue and the energetics in your business.



Hi, I'm Silja Thor 

Over the last 20 years, I have founded & scaled over 9 companies in more than 5 countries, and mentored 100s of entrepreneurs. 

I have created millions in revenue for my businesses and helped clients multiply their revenue. 

My clients often get mind-blowing transformations so dang quickly, because the core of what I help them with is CLAIM their next level identity and income, to get into their zone by aligning every piece of their business and scale with ease (so they can multiply their impact & revenue).

I am often called 'business witch' by my clients because of my 6th sense, and her ability to see straight through things. 

I am originally from Iceland but currently living in Spain with my daughter, India Thor.