The Juicy Details: Scaling to multiple 6-figures as a single mom and an introvert

Jan 28, 2023

Maybe no surprise if you've been in my world for a while but I'm very introverted.

And I'm a single mom to my daughter and I'm with her 100% of the time.

This means time is my most precious resource as it's very limited. Because I'm alone with my daughter and I need a lot of alone time to recharge my batteries, and this I've to do during business hours.

I've around 30 hours per week to dedicate to my business, so I gotta be super clever on how I spend it.

A lot of people are surprised to hear that I don't work full time in my business because I have a very successful multi-six figure business and I'm quite active on social media. My business is also about exquisite client experience. I run a very intimate hands-on Mastermind with 1:1 experience and a really high-touch Art of Business Group Experience.

So how do I do this? I'm going to let you into my secrets...

But before I do, 

I'm hosting a 3-day series where we will strategize, plan, and map out your offers and client attraction for this year. This is the exact process I do for my business and it the reason I work so damn smart.

This will allow you to have predictable business results and total clarity over your offers and client attraction.

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Now let's dive into my secrets...

#1 Align the business to YOU.

Make sure your business is tailored to you, your personality, and your needs. Have a look at your human design profile to make sure that your offers and strategy are aligned with your energy types and your personality. In my experience, there are so many different ways that you can create an exquisite client experience for your clients. Lean into offers that excite you and are aligned with your strengths, how you really want to serve, and personality type.

Do you want to have an intimate high ticket 1:1s? Or group programs? Or masterminds? Or courses? It's your business, your rules. Serve how you love. I love how I serve and it fits my personality perfectly (or as much perfect can be).

#2 Have a solid client attraction that works for YOU

As with your client experience, there are equally many client attraction strategies that all can work. The secret is really that you believe that they work, you have fun with it, and actually follow through. It's safe for you to pick and choose what works for you.

Are you keen on launching and having open and close dates? Or regular intimate workshops, training or VIP meetings? Or what I call courting (relationship-based selling)? Social selling? Ads? Guest Speaking? Podcasts? Funnels? Groups? Networking? Blogs? Choose a client attraction that works for you.

#3 Play with the Energetics

Learn how to use both feminine and masculine energetics. Lean into feminine energetics for co-creation with the universe, and manifest incredible opportunities, clients, and money. Lean into masculine energetics for having a solid strategy and plans with some amazing actions.

#4 Crush Your Resistance to Money and Success

Do the inner work and crush the resistance to receiving more money and success. Declutter those limiting beliefs, stories, and fears. Allow money to become easy for you. Letting go of my money sabotages and limiting beliefs were game changers and I got rid of my feast and famine cycles.

For the energetics and your relationship with money. You can truly change this with the help of my course: Open the Money Tap. You can buy it here for only 33 euros

#5 Have a Solid Plan That You Can Follow Through

Create an actual plan you can follow through. Map out your year and quarters so you can have total clarity over your offers and client attraction. When you're serving clients, when your offers start and end, and when you start promoting and making offers. So, no more winging it or throwing spaghetti at the wall. You can adjust the plan as the year goes, but you have a PLAN, all reverse-engineered.

#6 Theme Your Week

Mondays are my CEO days, my inspiration days, and rest days.Tuesdays are manifestation and client attraction days. Wednesdays mornings and Thursdays are my delivery days to clients. Fridays are free depending on what's needed. This way, I have space to get into deep work and rest when needed.

#7 Work smart, not hard

Focus on what matters and those needle-moving activities. Map out the year for better clarity on what's important. Batch and automate what you can, such as billing and sequences. If you're jumping from one thing to another, you're not very productive. I spend 1-2 days per month doing all my content creation and bulk my videos. Then, I schedule them.

I'm hosting a 3-day series where we will strategize, plan, and map out your offers and client attraction for this year. This will allow you to have predictable business results and total clarity over your offers and client attraction.

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X.O. Silja Thor


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