The Juicy Details How My Income Dropped

Jul 22, 2023

I have a juicy behind-the-scenes story to share with you today, baring it all. 

Now, the irony of this is that I was recently tested in this area. And, eventually, I passed the test.

In March of this year (4 months ago), I moved with my then 5-year-old daughter to Andalucia, Spain.

One member of my family was a bit worried about this move as I'm a single mom to my daughter, and he found it quite reckless to leave the "safety" of the Netherlands for Spain.

I brushed this off, but the seed was planted

However, it shocked my nervous system in many more ways than I had imagined. These seeds of doubt had started to take root.

This put me back into overwhelm.

My inner children started feeling scarcity and fear, as in the past, a move always meant insecurity.

I went into feelings of overwhelm, got busy, scattered, and started to feel the fear.

My fear was saying, "Oh gosh, what if things won't work now that I live in Spain?" "What if your family member is right?"

I was living my dream on the outside, but I was sabotaging it.

I went from 30k cash months to 6k cash month in April.

You might say, "But Silja, that's because you were moving," but it was just because I didn't feel safe.

I've been consistently making over 15k per month for years. Huge correlation between being and feeling safe and revenue.

I even made 20-30k cash months when I was going through one of the most devastating periods in my my life.

Then I could take it quite easy in my business as I had my income stacked and payment plans covering all expenses and played with Magic Money.
But what happened now was pure self-sabotage:

A lot of payment plans had stopped (I knew this and this could have been planned)

I had overspent and overinvested, (this could have easily been done differently).

My revenue dropped because I felt unsafe and powerless.

I went straight into overwhelm. And it showed in breakdowns and results.

I had to slow down, shift back into safety, and work with provider money to get back to safety.

So what I had to do is go from Magic Money to Provider Money.

Magic Money was no longer working.

Feeling and being safe is paramount in business.

Being in the driver's seat is paramount in your business.

So, what did I do? I shifted my perceptions from worries to desires and took action.

Here is how:

I got real about the breakdowns and self-sabotages, made plans, and reverse-engineered them.

I went back into the driver's seat and focused on the core activities.

The results came fast.

In May, it was a 50k sales month.

In June, it was a 20k cash month.

Tapping into Provider Money is what got me to six-figures my first year in this business.

Then I started to play with Magic Money... that's how I continued to make multiple six-figures.

And now Provider Money has brought me back to safety.

Safety first.