The Juicy Details of My Business: How I scaled to 40k euro months

Jan 10, 2023

As you're in my world, you probably know that I don't do a lot of things on the surface level.

In this blog post I would like to take you 
behind the scenes - spill all juicy details of how I scaled my business to over quarter million a year.

And how I did this:
without a team, with the exception of Sharlene, who does my onboarding
as a single mom to my beautiful daughter India (I've her 100% of the time)
with ample space and sloooow mornings

Now before I share the nitty gritty details, I do want to emphasise that a huge reason my business scaled to 250k per year and often to 40k cash months so quickly is because I’m a serial entrepreneur and this is not my first rodeo (and I’m a business mentor so this is my jam!)

But also because of personal situation in the last year, I've taken it slow.

I am, myself, in the new scaling phase of my business starting in January 2023.

This means, I’m following my own formula of simplifying + scaling.

The formula is as follows:

Step 1: Align your business to you.

Make sure your business fits your lifestyle desires. Make sure you serve in a way that you love and work with clients that are a perfect fit for you.

Step 2: Simplify your business.

Get clear on your needle movers - the core things that bring you results. To be frank, I only focus on two things: My delivery, making sure my mastermind is extraordinary and my clients are getting amazing transformations, and that my client attraction is high level (content, the value I add, and the whole courting experience (dm me if you want to know about courting).

The rest is fluff, and can be done by team!

Step 3: Scale your business

Here you create systems and structures that are repeatable, and have a scalable structure so you can grow your business without exchanging more hours for time.

***If you want me to help you identify what has to shift for you to reach 20k, 30k or 50k months, watch my free training on Strategise and Map out your offers and client attraction ***.

Now let me share with you exactly how I did it.

Let’s start with the core basics.

I believe in building your business around your life, not the other way around.

Until you hit 7-figures, your business is essentially you.

If your energy is high, so is your business; if your energy is low, so is your business.

This means to me, my number one priority is my energy - making sure I’m ok.

That means prioritising my mental, physical and emotional health. I’ve routines and rituals to activate this. Grab my free resource about this: The Art of Business Ultimate Playbook.

Because when I’m happy and excited, my juices flow; things are easier and feel more natural.

When I was designing this business, I got really clear on my needs, India’s needs (my daughter) and this included her school schedule and school holidays (do you know how many of them they have?!) I got really clear about what is important to me.

For me to thrive, I need a super spacious agenda AND I need location independence.

I’m Icelandic but I live in the Netherlands (and moving to Spain). My family lives in Iceland and India’s father’s side of the family is in Australia ; it is super important to me that she knows her family and her roots.

This means: ample spaciousness and time off throughout the year so we can travel.

This means a spacious agenda that can facilitate this.

I looked at India’s school holidays and blocked them into my calendar. At the beginning of the year, my program was shorter. We then moved it to 6 months (my Simplify + Scale Mastermind) and then 12 months (my Art of Business Experience) -talk about simplifying and amplifying!

My offerings are now fully fitting my lifestyle desires (and of course, we often tend to attract similar clients so this suits them, too). It also allows me to fully step into my magic and the results for the clients are remarkable.

So how my offerings are now designed is that it has two bigger breaks in the year - essentially two rest periods - as I believe for a business to thrive, it needs rest periods.

I offer my clients in my Mastermind weekly hot seat sessions with me - where I wrap my magic fingers all around their business - but they go on a rotation of three weeks on, and one implementation week each month.

My clients in the Art of Business Experience get bi-weekly hot seats.

This gives me a down period to rest and unwind so I’m always on high with clients - and they love this too. Magically (lol) resting periods also happen to land on autumn holidays, spring breaks and Easter breaks, to give you an example…

All planned of course. All reversed engineered.

Now with regard to my weekly design, I also play it smart.

India goes to school 5 times a week. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, she goes to after- school care. I drop her off at 8:30 and pick her up between 4:30 and 5:30. On Wednesday, it’s a short day at school - she finishes at 12:30 so then I pick her up then, and on Friday she finishes at 3pm.

As you can see this is not a full working week for me.

But I also need to exercise - this is important to me and this has to happen when she is at school or afterschool. So it gives me even less time to WORK, right?

So this is how I break it down:

Mondays are my inspiration day. I start my day sitting down and creating intentions, then I go to the gym for an hour followed by a sauna for an hour.

My proper inspiration starts at 12pm where I think on a higher level in my business.

Here I ask myself what is working in my business, what is not working, and what has to change, shift and/or uplevel. This is also the day I think about my strategy. I go for a long walk on the beach to think and act - giving myself some space to play it smart.

These are also the times I work on my money mindset, my limiting beliefs and uplevel what needs to uplevel.

No clients. No emails. Just working on my business. No busywork.

Tuesdays are my client & creation days. I start my days Vision & Manifestation session with clients and at 11, I start creating. I put on some jazz, light candles and get into the vibe. Or I just take a long walk and get into the vibe in that way. Here I bulk my content creation for my crew, for my clients, make myself look semi-presentable and bulk my lives and do video creation.

I also court clients I would love to work with and work on my client attraction.

On Tuesday I also have 1:1 sessions.

At the end of the day, I check my email, respond to urgent stuff, and also respond to my clients’ Voxer messages.

My clients in my Mastermind get full Voxer access to me (imagine having me in your pocket and if you're stuck with scaling, you can just send me a voice message!)

Wednesdays are short, so I go yoga, do my hot seat with the Experience every other Wednesday and pick up my daughter at 1230.

Thursdays are my big delivery and to-do day. I have hot seat sessions, 1:1 sessions and in between, I do what is needed for my business. To be honest, it isn’t a lot, as I've simplified it a lot and only do what matters.

Fridays are flexible. Sometimes I take it off, if I feel I need that or I work on my business and create perhaps new material for my library, or uplevel, or deep dive.

By designing my week like this - bulking days, which makes me so efficient and things just flow, - I’ve got such space.

The reason I can do this is because my offer is designed for exactly how I like to serve my clients. I love giving my clients very intimate experiences, and the max capacity for my Mastermind is 15 clients. It's not capped for the Art of Business Experience.

My Mastermind clients get VIP days with me and my hands on their business, so I can only serve a certain number to be able to give them this experience and help them create magical results.

When I started this business I was working with less advanced business owners and I was more focusing on helping them get clients but I noticed my magic lies more in helping more experienced clients - clients who already know how to get their own clients,

- and giving them the small tweaks that take them to 10k months to 20k or even 30k months.

This means I fully activate my magic by helping my clients by:

- Uplevelling their offers, making it magical in a way they love

- Streamlining their strategy so it’s way more effective and attracts clients that are a perfect fit

- Positioning themselves so their business breathes them.

- Simplifying the crap out of their business so they can scale with ease

Tiny tweaks that make a massive difference, but also helping them carve out this magical space.

Now in regards to what I do.

Basically I eliminate all tasks except what brings me joy or results (besides paying my taxes, and now, even that actually brings me joy!)

I focus on client delivery and making sure my client experience is exquisite.

This means that my content library is at a very high level.

The support my clients get is amazing, and now I have a team of experts making sure of this incredible experience.

Then, I have an amazing attraction of high-level clients.

More than 50% of my clients come from referrals from my clients, and the rest has come organically through my courting. Over 75% re-enroll

I’m now starting Facebook Ads too, and will probably be doing a launch in Q1.

However, most of the 2022 revenue came organically in a super chilled way, as I aligned the business to me and my client attraction breathed me. It was all about high level relationship building.

If you're ready to Simplify + Scale, let’s chat.

If you want to explore my incredible Art of Business Experience, you can read all about it here (it's a very affordable way to work with me)

And you can read about my Mastermind here


Silja Thor