Business Insights: 3 Core Reasons For the Revenue Roller Coaster

Jan 22, 2023
Business Insights: 3 Core Reasons For the Revenue Roller Coaster

What I see very often with my clients, and also with my crew, is feast-or-famine cycles and the revenue roller coaster.

Inconsistent revenue and feeling unsafe in your business is a very unsafe way to do business, and extremely energy draining.

If you resonate with this, let’s start turning this around, to start embracing and welcoming predictable income, and consistent income growth.

I personally don’t believe that your income has to fluctuate.

And I think that every month you can be consistent or ideally earn more than the last the month, if you simply allow yourself that.

YES I said SIMPLY ALLOWING YOURSELF. It all starts with you giving yourself permission for it.

You might now be feeling a lot of resistance to what I just said and be like “friggin’ A’ Silja, do you think I am not allowing myself safety in my business???”

Hear me out…

I believe that business is a mixture of strategy and spiritual practice, (the woo-woo, your inner game, and that whatever your focus on, expands).

So let’s dig in and unravel the 3 core reasons for the revenue roller coaster and feast-or-famine cycles.

  1. You don’t have clear systems or structure for your client attraction AND your delivery.

One of the key reasons that you’re in feast-or-famine cycles and the revenue roller coaster is that you don’t have a solid strategy when it comes to your client attraction and your delivery.

Your business might look something like this… you start getting all these clients and you’re like “OMG OMG OMG, I’ve all these clients” and you’re super hyped up. You go full blown into delivery mode and you might be serving your clients every day. You either completely stop or stop prioritizing your client attraction, because your focus is on delivery, and you feel comfortable.

You’re on a high, but now you’re perhaps getting overwhelmed with everything you need to do.  That’s when the ‘fuck, fuck’ starts hitting and you realize you need more clients. It’s like a pendulum swings from one extreme to another.

Now you’re in the mode of ‘I need clients!’ and your focus returns completely into client attraction until the whole cycle repeats itself.
This brings me to the next point and that is prioritization.

  1. You’re not prioritizing in your business properly

What I teach and talk about again and again is the 3 core things you should focus on in your business (and they gotta come in this order as well):

2.1. Your energy and your inner game, because until you’ve got a big team, your business is YOU.

If you’re feeling down, your business goes down and if you’re feeling great, your business is great.

When you’re in flow, when you feel confident, when you feel supported and safe, things just fall into place.


When you feel fearful, worried, you just don’t feel confident, then things start cracking and your outer world starts reflecting your inner world. Your business becomes unsafe.

Whatever you focus on expands.  

It doesn’t mean when shit is happening that you deny it, because ignoring something also makes it expand.

You gotta tackle it! You gotta be like “ohh, I have these limiting beliefs; I have this fear; I have this negative self-talk popping up right now” and get curious.

Without judgment, but with curiosity, tackle it, turn it around and self parent yourself through it.

We’ve got a great resource about this.  Grab it here - it is called Overcoming Breakdowns.

Whenever you don’t feel good - get curious,  investigate and shift. When you are tired, or if you need to rest, focus on your rest and allow yourself that.

A large portion of your time should go into self care because if you are in an ok emotional state, and you feel safe in your business; when you feel supported and loved, then things flow.  Things become easy because you feel that support, and everything else starts to happen.

So energy is priority number one.

2.2.:  Your client attraction; without a solid client attraction strategy, without really focusing on your client attraction, you don’t have a steady revenue.  

Then you will get worried about paying the bills and start feeling unsafe.

You will be in the primal urges of flight and fight mode. You will have high stress, high cortisol levels, and essentially, feel very unsafe in your business.

You gotta prioritize yourself before your clients, and deliver from the overflow. It doesn’t mean that you don’t give an exquisite client experience - quite the opposite. But it means that you DO because you’re in your strength and in safety.

3.3. Is your client delivery and making sure you give an exquisite service on your terms.

  1. You expect the revenue roller coaster - you’re used to it and even addicted to it.

This is going to sound perhaps cruel and/or silly but hear me out.

You probably have a very high tolerance for pain, and that is what I see with a lot of us. We're kind of taught that, in order to feel in control, we have to worry.

We are more comfortable feeling shitty than feeling great. We feel more in control that way.

So you expected it, and because you did, it happened.

And you also allow yourself to have it.  

You might be now -  “f*ck you Silja, I’m not allowing myself to be in feast-or-famine!”

But ask yourself, when do you start panicking? Is it often a bit too late? You allow the breakdowns to happen for a bit too long?

What is your energetic minimum with income level? Is there a pattern here?

The key here is to decrease your pain level and start getting uncomfortable sooner.

Become a person (decide so now) who always has more than enough money; 

A person who always has more than enough clients, and total overflow.

It then becomes your identity, who you are, and you start taking actions consistent with that.

So whenever the early stages of famine are happening (there are signs starting to appear), you start acting immediately, because that is who you are now, as a person.

If you want to fix this properly, a great start is to strategise and map out your offers and client attraction for the quarter so you have a proper plan.

Grab my free resource about it


Silja Thor