Provider Money vs Magic Money

Jun 13, 2023

Let’s talk about how to use energetics in your business.


Each energetic aspect has its divine strength, as well as its flip side or shadow.

Here's how I perceive this:


 Feminine: The Mother - nurturing, caring, loving, strong, wise. Imagine a wise woman whom people seek counsel from, a space holder, a safe space. It's all about feelings, about BEING. Receiving and enjoying life's greatness. It's about desires, manifestation, and wisdom. It's about intuition, care, self-care, love, self-love, creation, and Mother Earth.


Through this energetic aspect, you can create magic money in your business, and I will share more about this shortly.


The flip side of the feminine is victimhood, giving up your power, resentment, over-giving. Sometimes you may encounter individuals who give everything to everyone but neglect themselves, saying, "I do everything for everyone, but nobody does anything for me."


This can be typical co-dependent behavior. It leads to exhaustion, blaming, justification, and excuses.


And Masculine: The Father - provider, emperor, protector, warrior, conqueror. Building, strategy, planning, thinking things through, strategizing. DOING. Following through. Powerful. Power. LEADERSHIP, I LEAD THE WAY (not controlling).


The flip side is controlling, which is often associated with mothering.


We see this behavior frequently, asking questions like "Did you do this?" and constantly mothering everyone, including our own mother, our spouse. It's suffocating energy.


This can also be a response to trauma, a sense of control arising from a lack of trust and fear.

It's also the stereotype of the man-child who sits on the sofa, watches TV, and does nothing, while the woman does everything. Laziness, not taking action, procrastination. These are the flip sides of the masculine.


How I incorporate energetics into my business is by using the feminine for serving clients, creating content, envisioning and manifesting desires. I tap into channeling and intuition.

I also utilize it for manifestation and magic money. I will share with you the concepts of Magic Money and Provider Money, as they are crucial.


In my business, I employ masculine energetics for strategies, planning, execution, and implementation.


I also use it for provider money, which provides security and safety.

Let's discuss Provider Money vs. Magic Money.


You may have noticed that money doesn't necessarily go where it's needed; it goes where it's desired.

Need and desire have very different frequencies and energetics.


If money were to go where it's needed, there wouldn't be hunger or acute poverty in the world.

Instead, money flows toward those who desire a yacht, for example.

Money is an energy that follows desires, not necessarily where it's needed.


The energy of desires, sex, power, and love is without attachment, without secondary agendas, and without timelines. It's about overflow, freedom, indulgence, fun, and playfulness - DESIRES.

How I perceive this is that it's our responsibility to make a significant amount of money through desires so that we can circulate it where it's needed as well.


Provider money is the money of needs, paying bills, covering expenses - the practical money.

Where manifestation often goes wrong is when people try to manifest provider money, which is a feminine energetic strategy, but one that involves trying to manifest money for needs.


I often look at this with sheer horror because it can go terribly wrong.

When individuals attempt to manifest money for their bills or expenses, it's a recipe for disaster, in my humble opinion.

The key to manifestation is desires.


The key is to have trust, to know and be certain that your desires are yours, to fully believe in them. No attachment, no secondary agenda, and no timelines. No pressure, no controlling.


When you need money, there is attachment, there is need, and bills have due dates.

This often leads to fear, worry, and anxiety.


This is why manifestation often doesn't work.

The energetics of provider money are masculine, so use masculine strategies for this type of money. Plan, strategize, take action.


Take self-responsibility and make it happen. Follow your plan.

Courting strategy is great for this purpose.


This is also why I love income stacking, ensuring that my bills and expenses are paid through payment plans and runway, so I don't have to do as much heavy lifting.



Magic money is the money of desires. It's money that doesn't necessarily make logical sense.

I have personally made multiple six figures as a single mom, not working full time in my business. It's money that just doesn't make sense - making 30-50k in cash per month with an email list of only 200-300 people. It's achieved with a small audience. I have had launches with only 10 people showing up and still made six figures. It defies conventional logic.


This is pure desire and pure co-creation. I love it when there is no attachment involved.

In short:

💜 For provider money, which is the money you need, use masculine energetic strategies.

💜 For magic money, which is the money you desire, use feminine energetic strategies.


Manifesting provider money is unsafe. Focus on ensuring safety first, and then you can play.

Put your parachute on before jumping out of the plane.