No more SELLING, tap into the Buyer Paradigm

Aug 22, 2023

Regardless of how much I would try, selling and being sold to feels icky.

My body literally screams NOOOO.

So I refuse to do it. Period.

It’s an irony, as I’ve built my career and multiple businesses around sales.

We even did door-to-door sales when we were scaling our telecommunication company back in 2004.

It’s the old paradigm. Selling. Pressuring. Putting scarcity.

Using fear and pain points.

I don’t do this, as I don’t feel good about it.

It goes against my values and integrity.

I still do sales, but from the buyer paradigm.

My clients buy.

If and when it feels right.

Don't take me wrong.

I do outreach.

I do marketing.

I do innovations. 

I make offers.

I follow up.

There might be external urgencies, but only if that’s valid and feels good.

If it's in alignment.

Not because of pressure or I feel that I NEED that sale.

I treat my buyers how I love to be treated as a buyer.

I like to be seen and served.

If someone tries to pressure me. Sell to me or convince me.

I rebel.

Could be the maverick, the rule breaker in me.

When I feel that SELLING ENERGY, I rebel.

I pull back.

Doesn’t matter how I desire something. The energy is OFF.

Or when I feel neediness or desperation, yikes.

It’s the same, I walk away.

I don’t want to buy because someone NEEDS me or is DESPERATE or puts their self-worth to this sale.

No, I buy because of what’s possible from that service or product. What it means to ME.

So I do the same for my buyers. It's about THEM and what my service means to THEM.

I don’t convince. I don’t pressure. I just don’t sell from that energy.

Because I’m not attached.

Because I believe in the buyer experience. Because I believe that people are fully capable of buying when they desire.

So my job is sharing what I have, having it on display, and showing what’s possible.

Yes I might have opening and closing dates. Prices go up. Bonus might expire but that's because I desire so. 

In my Client Attraction and Revenue Focused Membership, we go deep into the Buyer Experience tomorrow.

Creating that ultimate buyer experience for your clients so THEY DESIRE TO BUY FROM YOU.

Buyer first paradigm.

Maybe this is the reason I have 0% churn rate and that I have had 75% enrolment rate and 50% of my clients come from referrals. 

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Let’s welcome the buyer paradigm.

Service first.


Silja Thor