Lessons Learned: You have to take difficult decisions to grow

Feb 12, 2023

I’m so excited about my decisions.


They’ve been some incredible CEO decisions that I’ve been making recently in my business.


The first big bold decision I made at the end of last year was to open up a lower ticket option to work with me, yet still with the hiqh quality service. It’s my amazing coaching program: The Art of Business Experience.


And people loved it, now I’ve reached the capacity on doing it how I’m doing it, so it’s time to tweak and improve it so it’s sustainable.


And that means some serious decisions. 


And I made two of those regarding this program.


  1. The 1:1 deep dives and the 1:1 strategy session that clients get when joining is going to move to a group format in March


  1. The prices are going up from 3333 euros to 5555 euros for the year.


I will make sure the quality remains, but for me the 1:1 deep dives is no longer sustainable for this program.


If you’ve been thinking about working with me, now is the time.


You can still get the 1:1 2-hour deep dive session with me to make sure your business foundational pieces are super solid and we can then do a 1:1 1-hour session to craft a client attraction strategy that is aligned with you and your human design.


ALSO, as a bonus you get access to my training and workshop swipe feel and LIVE program.


I decided to experiment with a very low key, casual “launch” in the middle of me moving to Spain and there is yet some time to go but I’m at 40k already.


I will share with you exactly how I did that, and you get access to all the material in swipe file so you can tweak it for you.