Lessons Learned: Fears I had to dance with to grow my business

Mar 11, 2023

Growing your business can be scary and often confronting.

Particularly as a coach and service entrepreneur.


In my wildest dreams did I ever imagine how different it would be having a coaching business from my previous startups.


It's a world apart. 


My startup was so much more separated from me. Making money had nothing to do with my own worth or beliefs. 


It was more about solid strategy, testing, tweaking and massive action.


I could separate my business from me. It wasn’t linked.


My coaching business became much more linked to me. My own worth, my own beliefs…


Not consciously, it just happened. 


Making money and welcoming clients suddenly became linked to my own beliefs. 

My own emotions and feelings.


And the breakdowns became personal.


And the fears…

All the what if it doesn’t work out.


What if I don’t sell enough

What if I don’t have the audience.


So this what if resulted that I didn’t go full in and the half assed things.


As I grew, this became more apparent to me. 

That I wasn’t fully committing to my business like other important relationships in my life.


You see, I’m a mother. NO MATTER WHAT.


And part of motherhood are fears, massive one! 


Fears of what I screw up my child, what if I do things wrong?

But I’m a mother and I’ve to show up for my child whether I feel like it or not.


Believe you me that as a single mother, there are days I really don’t feel like it.


Having a night off is like a dream come true. Those moments are so precious and sweet and then seeing my daughter again is so incredible.


I’m a mother no matter what. 


Rain or shine.


I’m all in, and as I learn more, I shift, grow and overcome challenges.

Every age has it’s own challenges and I’m not prepared. I learn as I go.


Same goes for my business. 


And when I started treating my business the same way as I treat motherhood, it changed massively.


Relationships grow and deepen when you nourish them, when you prioritize them.


Many of us aren’t fully committing to our business.

Many of us are so scared of being rejected, hurt, becoming a failure that we half ass things.


And how can we expect things to flourish, when we’re not fully in.


The thing is, mostly, the fear is just a fear. 


You can handle the hurt.

You can handle the disappointment 

It’s  part of the journey.


Rite of passage.


BUT the ultimate hurt is when you don’t go full in and see what’s truly possible.


It’s the regret that you never tried.

It’s better to have loved and lost than never.


What if it would work? You can only find out if you fully go in and face you fears.


The sweetness is on the other side.


For me, it wasn’t until I started to treat my business like a business, things started to massively change.


My business was no longer linked to my feelings and beliefs as such. Of course I had to shift, heal, and grow in order for my business to scale. 


But what mattered the most was I was all in, just like motherhood. 

On sad days

On happy days


What if you would go fully in your business? What would be possible?


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