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Apr 30, 2023

New level, the same devil 🙀

I'm a huge believer in transparency and sharing behind the scenes.
And I want to share with you something I posted in a group I am part of yesterday.
So  here is the good, bad and the ugly.
Denise Duffield-Thomas talks about a new level, the same devil.
And I'm experiencing this so much.
I thought I had decluttered, healed, and mastered so many limiting beliefs, sabotages, and money blocks.
AND here they are again, all over the place.
I feel out of control and so unsafe AGAIN.
I just moved to Spain a few weeks ago with my 6-year-old daughter as a single mom.
I've been dreaming about this for years, visualizing it.
And as my business is a multiple 6-figure business that supports us so well, we moved with our 2 cats.
And now I am here, and I'm loving it
Here is the BUT.
It has been so triggering:
>>> School has been way too short (I only got 3 ½ hours of work).
>>> Things feel chaotic.
>>> India and I spent so much time together, and I'm introverted, so I felt so exhausted.
>>> Feeling of not being safe and having no support alone here in the mountains (LOVE IT TOO)
>>> Feeling so alone with her all over again.
And in the midst of this, my intuition and guides started to scream louder and louder to shift my business model.
To bring my teachings to more people. Creating this epic Business Experience
What I loved changed.
I've built my business around an intimate high-ticket mastermind, and now I feel so pulled to deepening my teachings as my clients are getting amazing results, and I desire to bring that to more people.
Going to focus on my low/middle-ticket program that is sooo good, but now as it's going to be my golden goose, this creates BUT how will I make money now?
HOW will I be able to break even on a program priced 3333 euros instead of my 13k and 18k packages?
I felt so secure offering high-ticket packages.
This fear is not rational as it has been easy for me to sell it, but it is still so STRONG.
And this is so out of my comfort zone. I've been totally fine selling this when I could lean into my high-ticket ones.
My mind being WILD.
I'm a business mentor and help people with this, but this fear is HUGE.
I'm so living it.
>The feeling of not being supported and out of control is HUGE.
> The feeling of the unknown is HUGE.
>The feeling of fear and something horrible is happening is HUGE.
Thank god for tapping and calming the nervous system.
And for finding a new private school that she loves and has a bit longer school hours than the public schools in Spain so I can actually WORK and have ALONE time too.
So I can be FULLY present with my daughters when we're together in the afternoons, evenings, mornings and weekends.
I'm grateful that I'm brought back into practicing what I preach and digging deeper into the layers.
And this couldn't come at a better timing as one of the antidotes to feelings like this is separating your business from you.

So your business can support you and you can fuel your business forward.