Lessons Learned: The Energetics Behind Conversions

Mar 19, 2023

It was November 2020.

And I was launching my new business for the first time.

I had planned a 3-day training event called "3 Days to Design Your Business," which focused on designing offers and creating a business strategy, leading to my 10-week group program, Business Launch, priced at 1170 euros.

To help me with my launch, I signed up for my first-ever business coach, Sigrun, who specializes in online businesses.

I followed her launch formula step-by-step, using her analytical approach and great launch framework and checklists to reverse engineer my launch.

I mapped out the whole process, put my goals in place, finalized my offers, created my opt-in page, designed my freebie (Business Launch Checklist), wrote and scheduled my email sequence, pre-wrote and scheduled my promotion posts, and created my sales page and sales sequence.

I even plugged in some Facebook ads, promoted across social media, and spammed a few groups.

However, it was a lot of work for me as it was the first time I went through the entire process. I was sweating, but I pushed myself to follow every step on my checklist, grateful for the framework Sigrun provided me.

The stakes were high for me. I desperately needed to fill this group program.

There was so much at stake: my ego, not wanting to lose face and fail in the launch, and the fear of disappointment. Moreover, I had to sell this program to pay my bills, and there was no backup plan.

I put everything on the line for this launch, and it was a do-or-die situation.

If the launch failed, I would be in trouble, unable to pay my rent and daughter's daycare.

As the launch date approached, I was nervous and worried, thinking of all the things that could go wrong.

What if nobody showed up?

What if nobody bought?

What if I stumbled on my words?

What if they didn't like me?

I had this big knot in my stomach, but I had a plan, and I had to go ahead despite my fear and limiting beliefs.

On the day of the launch, I woke up with a headache and a cold, which was the last thing I needed.

I had no option to postpone, and with around 240 people who signed up, I couldn't afford to miss it. Around 100 people showed up for the first day, and I felt nervous, but I tried to hide it and do what I had to do.

I went through the material, and as I was doing it, I didn't feel good at all.

After the first day, I walked away feeling like a total flop, worried and anxious, and ashamed of my performance.

On the second day, less people showed up, around 70 or so, which is normal, but it felt horrible. I made it all about me, and my confidence took a hit.

The third day arrived, and around 50 people showed up, but the event didn't feel amazing; it felt the opposite. Although the content was good, the feeling wasn't.

During the selling part, where I made invitations to work with me, I felt icky. I could feel the change of energy in my body when I started to talk about my offers.

My voice shook, and my hands sweat. I wanted it to be over, and I rushed through it. I could sense how my voice changed, and the energy changed too. I felt like a failure, totally deflated, and exhausted, with no energy left in my body.

During the open cart, it was hard to do the Facebook LIVES and perform the "sales" duties. 

On the first day of the open cart, nobody bought. My heart sank.

On the second day, two people bought the program.

It didn't feel good as it was not enough.

I felt like I was screwed.

I didn't know what to do.

But I still had a few days to go.

Something just had to change.

So I went on my knees and begged the universe, angels, and guides for help.

I felt so utterly helpless, so desperate. I just needed the money.

And then the idea came to reach out to some audience I knew that was warm.

I started to have some conversations with people, courting them.

Sharlene, who is still my client today, joined.

Phew, something was shifting. And I started to believe a little bit more. I started to have a bit more faith.

I got circumstantial power.

And in this new energy, the idea came to host an encore workshop.

But this time, I decided I'm going to FEEL different. I'm going to feel powerful. I'm going to step into my power.

And if it would flop, so be it. I was going to be detached from the outcome and focus on serving and adding value.

I was going to have fun.

Just go in, do the best I can and see what happens.

You can imagine how hard it was because I needed the money. There was no backup plan.

But I went with this, and this workshop was AMAZING.

It felt so different.

I felt light, fun.

And even though only 40 people signed up for the Encore workshops, I managed to fill my program.

The conversions were much much higher, and the launch ended up being a 13k one.

Mostly in payment plans, but I could pay my bills.

I could breathe easily, for now.

If I would have stopped at the 3-Day Event and not tried to see things differently, I would probably not be where I am today.

I would have created the story that I'm not good at this, or God knows what.

If I wouldn't have stepped back into my power, I would have closed this as 5k or so and not managed to pay my bills.

But as I took my power back and changed the energy, everything changed.

And the results followed.

What happened here was a shift in the energy. My energy.

In the beginning, I was going through the motions of the strategy and doing everything that you should do during a launch.

But I was afraid.

I was feeling insecure.

I felt powerless.

And I had so much at stake, so I was so desperate and was so attached to the outcome.

I was so desperate.

I was me, just the timid, powerless version of me.

And this was the vibe.

But during the Encore Workshop, I took my power back.

And results followed.

It's all about the energetics, it's about who you are and how you feel when you do things, not what you do.

It's the energetics behind that really matter.