Business Insights: Why People Don't Have Predictable Income

May 18, 2023

I find security and predictability super SEXY

I also like excitement. Just knowing that I can pay my bills ALWAYS.

That's sexy.

And  therefore...



You know the reversed engineered ones.


Something so sexy with predictable results.

Knowing that you can make this or MORE.

That you’ve a path and a process to welcome those clients and that revenue.

Until not that long ago, I couldn't make plans.

Because they wouldn't stick.

Always something would happen.

Too much going on in my personal life as my ex was terminally ill.

So I just went with the flow.

And the past two years have been successful for my business, as I was able to build a multiple 6-figure business.

But it was without a solid plan (mind-blowing right!?)

So I leaned into working very SMART, and amplifying what works.

Became brutal about only doing the 20% that brought 80% of the results.

It worked.

BUT now I can add a SOLID plan to the midst.

And actually map out my best business results.


If I managed to build multiple 6-figure businesses without one, what is possible with one?

One wonders…

I'll let you know how this year goes. I will write in hindsight.

There are 2 reasons why most people don’t have a proper plan

They don’t know how or make crappy plans

They never follow through as it becomes an obligation

I will help you make an awesome plan, a reversed engineered one, that you LOVE.

That you desire to follow through and will bring you the best business results.

I invite you to join me for this process.

If you have not already signed up, please do so.

Three days where we're going to craft a plan, a process, and a path that you can follow through and step-by-step so you can actually follow through


This process moves you towards reliable business & client results results

All reverse engineered