The EXACT process that will help you create a multiple 6-figure business

Dec 04, 2023

There is a process to go to 6-figures and multiple 6-figures so let me share it with you.

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This is so simple: the key to creating high revenue months is this:

✅ Really enjoy how you serve and truly KNOW the potency of your service, really know the impact and the ripple effect. Everything is BASED ON THIS. 

✅ Add tons of value to your clients and buyers- be here to serve. SERVICE FIRST

✅ Show up consistently no matter what (you can outsmart yourself here)

✅ And make invitations to work with you over and over again.

✅ And have a lot of fun doing it, playing the business game.

 Because this is just a game. So take the fear away, and let’s play

And eat fear for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Step 1: Know what you desire and WHY. 

✅ For your clients and for you.

✅ What do you desire for your clients after working with you? What’s really the impact of your service and why does it matter?

✅ What do you desire for yourself? Financial? Lifestyle wise? Service wise? Why does it matter for you and your family.

✅ Clarity is the king. You want to move from vision. Not from pain, but VISION.


Step 2: Is knowing where you’re right now, what’s your starting point.

✅ And what’re you no longer available for. 

✅ What’re your deal breakers? You're non-negotiable? What’s no longer working for you? What’s causing you pain? What’s keeping you stuck?

✅ What has to go and be crushed, crumbled and dissolved. What has to be decluttered.

✅ That version of you that is already at the destination that you desire, what did she have to leave behind, sacrifice, declutter, to make space for this version


Step 3: Is truly understanding the meaning behind your next level. 

✅ That version of you, how is she feeling, and what’s her energetic signature?

✅ How does she move, how does she believe? What kind of actions does she make? 

✅ What kind of decisions does she make?

✅ You want to start activating this version of you and when you do action, activate her. You move and take decisions from this version (not from you today). 


Step 4: Reverse engineer your strategy from that version. 

✅ If you know that things would work - you would be guaranteed, what would you do? How would you show up and what kind of strategy would you implement?

✅ The biggest mistake I see is instant gratification, and moving from the pain, instead of the vision. QUICK FIX.

✅ Energetically this is off (this is trying, desperation, frantic energy) 

✅ No quick fixes, but sustainable business.


Step 5: Implement and Activated Action

✅ What you need to have is an exquisite buyer experience so when people land in your world it’s an epic experience 

✅ They connect with you

✅They get inspired and motivated and understand that in your world something incredible is possible. They see a desire for themselves.

✅They see that you know your shit and you’re trust worthy.

✅ Your buyer experience shows the LIKE/KNOW/TRUST triangle

 ✅ And you make very consistent invitations to work with you.

  • Either through courting or relationship based selling
  • Through your stories or CTA
  • Masterclasses
  • All strategies can work, but you have to follow them through and stick with them!  


Step 6: Refine and Amplify

✅ The magic lies in small tweaks. 

✅ It means slowing down to speed up and really contemplate what’s working and what’s not, refinging and amplify what’s working

✅ Most people never do this. Just start from scratch again. Without the data.


The frequency and momentum behind multiple 6-figures is...

✅ You gotta step into that version of you that is powerful, trusting, knows her worth

✅Move from that version and activate yourself when you show up.

✅ The frequency of multiple 6-figures is anticipation, gratitude, playfulness, solidness, 

✅ Not frantic, not overwhelmed, but solid frequency


  • A person that moves
  • A person that is here to make an impact
  • A person that is here to serve her clients
  • A person that knows her worth

I'm ready if you're.

Let me guide you through this process.

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