Nov 07, 2023

I have the 6th sense.

Speaking with you for a few minutes, I could tell you how to shift your business around.

Which tweaks to implement.

This is my superpowers.

I can sense and see things, and I have a very strong intuition.

But I don't need that for this one.

This is hardcore strategy and facts, and I can almost guarantee that this is applicable for you.

(If not, please let me know).

So, let's get to it.

The reason why you're not making more money in your business is that you get in the way.

Yep, you heard me. You have mixed your business with YOU.

Your fears, limiting beliefs, doubts, and humanness are all over it.

And therefore, it's often hard to see things clearly.

Have you noticed how easy it is to give others advice, and how clearly we can see things then? What steps to take and how to solve those problems?

But when it comes to us, we're all tangled in it because we're in the problem. We're part of it, and we're emotionally tied to it.

Guilt, shame, doubts, fears.

And this is exactly why your business is not making a lot more effortlessly.

This is why you go through feast and famine cycles.

This is why you go through the revenue roller coaster.

And by cutting the cords from your business and separating it from you, so you can fuel it forward.

You can start seeing things clearly and run your business like a business.

A business that you love and adore.

You can then grow it and expand it with ease.

This is the shift that made me scale to 6-figures and multiple 6-figures.

And that was falling madly in love with my offers and truly BELIEVING in the potency of my work.

I really made my offers so irresistible to me that every fiber of my being believed in it, to the point that I thought people were mad not to join.

This belief, this faith in my offer was everything. Because this was all about service, and selling was serving.

If people were not having a business they were madly in love with or making the money or enjoying scaling the business, I KNEW things could be different.

And I simply couldn’t stand seeing it because my offer could really shift things. Align things. Customize things. Show the way.

When I felt like selling or in the way, it was like an uphill battle, hitting my head against the brick wall. Getting people into my offers was hard.

But when this shift happened internally: Belief, the deep knowing, and the focus on the service and impact.

The rest took care of itself. Client attraction was serving. It didn’t feel icky or spamming, simple customer service for my buyers.

The difference between BEFORE and AFTER is simple.

I believed, and I knew the potency of my offers and every fiber of me had the desire to share it.

If you would have the cure for cancer, and you KNEW it, would you let "imposter syndrome," "overwhelm," or "limiting beliefs" hold you back?

Or would you go out there and scream this from the top of your lungs, share this with everyone you knew. I showed up so much stronger, I stopped justifying myself, or doubting myself, and went all in.

The strategy was an extension of this. The energetics started with this deep belief and knowing.